Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pantleg Dinosaur Mask

Some have said that this mask looks like E.T. -- but for me it calls to mind some ancient time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Roamed??? And why should they not have strode with some terrible purpose, perhaps late for a wedding or a casting call, their every footstep shaking the earth as they glanced at their pocket-watches? "Roamed" makes dinosaurs sound aimless and carefree, but this is the real world, bud, and we've all got responsibilities!

Dinosaurs, it is said, perished because their heads were too small for their bodies, and they lacked peripheral vision. From the photographs above, you can see that this is true. And yet, Behold! The graceful, slender neck of the Apatosaurus! Wearing this Pantleg puts me in a contemplative mood. I feel a kinship with Adam, with Job, and every other (un?)lucky person who encountered a living Leviathan -- but this time, I am the Leviathan...

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