Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pantleg Fez

The fez (or similarly, more anciently, the tarboosh) is a hat with a long and storied history, culminating in its inevitable association with the Shriners. But through all of its many adventures, the fez was never crafted out of raw pantlegs and sheer ingenuity -- UNTIL NOW!!!

Observe the upward motion of the cap, sweeping (almost rushing) toward the knotted crown. And perching jauntily at the apex stands a tuft of fabric which calls to mind the turnips from some ancestral vegetable garden, or from Super Marios Bros 2.

An exact representation of the traditional fez? Perhaps not. An improvement in every way? I am compelled to say YES!

This is by no means the first hat into which the Pantleg was twisted -- but it is the first to be photographed, and the camera don't lie, so there ya go.

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