Friday, June 26, 2009

Pantleg Top Hat

::inhales deeply:: Ahh. The top hat! Of all hats the most authoritative, the most audacious -- a little tower of Babel, right there on your head. Starting from meager beaver-fur beginnings in the late 1700's, and enjoying the support of such men as Abraham Lincoln and Rich Uncle Pennybags...but now is this hat's finest hour, for it is made of a Pantleg at long last!

Ha. Is that enough to satisfy us, discerning reader? No, no no. Not until we have tapped every delicious drop of hidden potential.

That is right! I hear the gasps of women and children, I see tears on the cheeks of strong men. There are cookies in this hat -- warm and scrumptious and gooey chocolate chip cookies. When the Persians invented cookies in the 0600's (as everyone knows they did), I am sure they never imagined that their creation would end up here. In my hat -- and soon, in my mouth. Thank you, Persians! Thank you, Abraham Lincoln! If I rise above the crowd, it is only because I stand upon the shoulders of giants, and because my hat is so very, very tall.

P.S. I neglected to display a hat yesterday because I got home late because I was studying THE BIBLE, which is maybe the only acceptable explanation?

P.P.S. I will be at the Niagara Falls tomorrow! I will take a Pantleg with me, and we'll get some pix for the World Wide Web Log!

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